About us

Roses drove me back home
A globally experienced company but rooted in traditions


JB Rose Cosm-Ethic, rose based natural skincare products are made with passion, science and tradition.


After having lived and worked in modern metropolises around the world, I gave up on a hugely successful corporate career and followed my heart and the scent of the roses to the most beautiful village I call home – Pietrafraccia.

While reliving the memories of my childhood, in the depths of the valley I discovered my purpose and calling and decided to revive the ancient traditions in a meaningful way. Thus was born the concept of JB CosmEthic.

It was purely the passion to revive old traditions and benefit the community and environment  that took JB CosmEthic from a pure concept to a precious product.

Today, for JB CosmEthic, I have set my sights on the world but am still proudly rooted where I belong.


About JB Rose Cosm-Ethic