Paleo Cultivation

Paleo cultivation

The crops at our JB Rose Farm are not treated with any chemicals and are irrigated with spring water from the small valley in which our farm is located.

We only use ancient, we could say prehistoric, cultivation techniques that preserve the rich spontaneous biodiversity of the place.
Roses have been part of the valley’s ecosystem for centuries and we grow them among wild grasses so that insects are also attracted to other plants and not just roses.

Only when necessary, rose plants are supported in pest control with macerates of wild medicinal plants such as horsetail, nettle and wild garlic that we collect and process ourselves.

All work, from planting the plants to harvesting the flowers, is done by hand.

Study, awareness, care, respect and protection of the ecosystem are the cornerstones on which our JB Rose Farm rests.

Picking roses at JB Rose Farm

Watch the video and virtually participate in our rose harvest.


paleo cultivation
View of the roses