Pure, Precious, Powerful

Delicate and tender like fairies, and just as powerful!
Damask roses have very delicate and fragile petals, with extraordinary properties

These petals yield the precious essential oil that’s used for luxuriant beauty products.

To obtain one gram of essential oil, over 300 kgs of roses are required, and these roses contain over 140 active ingredients, including flavonoids, the highly effective antioxidant that functions as a protective agent against oxidative stress. It involves counteracting the negative effects of the sun’s rays leading to the synthesis of free radicals. Damask Rose extracts therefore help prevent structural alterations in collagen and elastin synthesis, retaining the skin’s natural youthful look.

In addition, flavonoids also have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to aid skin protection in various ways.

Some types of antique roses contain significantly high concentrations of flavonoids. This is why, in many countries traditional medicine is composed of rose extracts for their anti-inflammatory effects, their ability to improve microcirculation and accelerate skin regeneration.

Skin types that are prone to acne and impurities can benefit a lot from these properties, because these natural anti-bacterials are very effective while being very delicate on the skin. They don’t stress the skin or deplete the substances that protect its surface.

Damask Roses also possess anti-inflammatory and anti-edema activity, have vasoconstrictor effects and are remarkable allies in the treatment of skin inflammation and rosacea.

All these incredible properties, brought to you from the petals of the fragrant rose.

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