Rose Dew


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Highly Hydrating Mask with vegetal Hyaluronic Acid and Damask Rose

S.O.S. Mask to provide rapid hydration to the skin.

The purest plant hyaluronic acid, with a very small molecular structure, is easily and deeply absorbed by the skin, providing moisturizing elements that restore skin thickness.

Damask Rose concentrated extract releases soothing and moisturizing substances that calm the redness and makes the skin radiant


The pack contains three individually packaged disposable mask.

Ideal for:

  • Give immediate hydration
  • Attenuate the signs of stress and restore brightness
  • Reduce irritation and redness
  • Revitalize the skin quickly
  • Reintegrate the aqueous layer after conditions of hydration loss such as long exposure to the sun, boat, mountain and airplane.

How to use:

  • Apply the mask veil on the face, neck and decolté.
  • Relax and keep the mask for at least 10 minutes. Remove the veil, do not rinse, massage gently


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