What sets us apart

Rose-based Natural Cosmetics – Pure Petals

Our rose extracts come exclusively from the petals of plants grown on our own JB Rose Farm where no chemicals are used.

The petals, and thus their extract, are pristine and pure.

Precious Roses

The Damask rose is a highly prized cosmetic raw material because it is particularly rich in active ingredients, but to obtain the essential oil contained in the fine, delicate petals, a very large quantity of flowers is required.

The Valle Scrivia rose and the Muscosa rose are ancient, rare and little-known roses, cultivated only in a restricted area of Liguria, that possess unique cosmetic characteristics.

University Research on Rose

Innovative Extraction Techniques

The innovative cold extraction method with ultrasound preserves the extract from chemical contamination and increases the concentration of active ingredients because it does not alter thermolabile substances.

  • Our Damask Rose extract comes exclusively from the petals of plants grown on our JB Rose Farm where no chemicals are used.
  • The innovative cold extraction method with ultrasound preserves the extract from chemical contamination and increases the concentration of active ingredients.

From rose cultivation to collaboration with universities

Our cosmetics are based on the properties of ancient roses and the many active ingredients they contain.

We directly control the entire production process from the cultivation of the flowers, which come exclusively from our JB Rose Farm, to the formulation of the products and their packaging.

During the flowering period, we pick the roses by hand and take them personally to the specialised laboratory where, using innovative techniques and without the use of chemical solvents, the different types of extracts with a high concentration of active ingredients are made.

With the support of university researchers and the CREA research institute in San Remo, we analysed the characteristics of our roses and the results of the chemical-physical tests revealed numerous active ingredients on which we based our cosmetics.

The efficacy of a cosmetic, however, does not only depend on the active ingredients it contains, but is strongly influenced by the formulation that makes them available to the skin and increases their efficacy through the synergetic activity of the ingredients.

This is why, with the support of university experts, cosmetologists and formulators, we spend a lot of time searching for the right balance between effectiveness -always a priority- and pleasantness until we obtain products that, in our opinion, meet these requirements.

We only use high-quality natural raw materials that, combined with the high concentration of extracts, contribute to the effectiveness of our products.

Before they are put on sale, our cosmetics undergo the numerous checks required for approval by the European Community, but are never tested on animals.

High concentration and high quality

In the formulation of our natural rose cosmetics, we use high percentages of extracts containing active ingredients and natural raw materials of the highest quality.

Holistic experience

Natural rose cosmetics

Antique roses have numerous properties; they contain anti-ageing, moisturising, soothing, revitalising, balancing and antibacterial substances, but above all, they retain their delicate scent even after processing.

While cosmetics take care of the skin, the natural scent of the rose acts on the hypothalamus and induces a feeling of relaxation and serenity.

The natural fragrance of the Damask rose, in particular, is used in aromatherapy to provide serenity and psychophysical well-being.

Its presence in natural extracts gives a special scent to cosmetics, creating an unmistakable allure.

Packaging: the beauty of imperfection

Our packages are handmade and as such may not be perfect. They vary frequently and from time to time special editions are made in limited quantities in which the packaging is created by artists and craftsmen from around the world who share our ethical values.
We only use Italian products in eco-friendly materials such as paper, glass and recyclable plastic.

The bottles and vases are designed and produced in Italy.

The paper comes strictly from controlled supply chains and we do not use surface laminations.
We also eliminated the nylon outer casing to reduce the use of plastic.

The drawings were made exclusively for us by young artists or people who visited our farm and freely interpreted our roses.


The logo

Our logo speaks of us and tells all the features of our company.

JB Rose CosmEthic LOGO

The letters of the name turn into a small, newly blossomed rose to signify our personal commitment to cultivation, and the cosmetics contain within themselves the concept of ‘ethics’: care and respect for people, living beings and the environment.