Passion for tradition and innovation that sets us apart


From extraction to formulation, the JB product line integrates the best natural practices and most advanced scientific techniques to develop a range that is truly unique in essence and effectiveness.



Innovative ExtractionThe softness of a rose holds the strength of its character

Our innovative extraction technique with ultrasound (also called “cold” extraction) avoids any damage to the thermolabile substances in the roses, producing a rich extract with naturally-occuring active ingredients that are often lost with traditional extraction methods.


Research & Development

Each JB product is a result of extensive research, analyses and corresponding development. With the expertise of university researchers and San Remo CREA Research Institute, we analyzed the characteristics of our roses through physico-chemical tests that highlighted the peculiar active principles of each variety to be used as a primary base for our products.



Italian Ingenuity

Brainchild of a native Italian family, cultivated in an Italian valley, researched by Italian experts and packaged in Italy with love, the JB CosmEthic line is proudly 100% Italian.

As the flag bearers of Italian standards of quality, we continuously endeavor to uphold the highest degree of originality in everything we do.


Sustainable Packaging

Environmental consciousness and sustainability is at the core of our existence. That is why all our packaging is handmade, limiting the use of machines and energy consumption, while adding a unique personal touch.