Vista intorno a Valle Scrivia


Roses have brought me home
A globally experienced company with deep roots in tradition

JB Rose CosmEthic natural cosmetics are based on the properties of roses are born from passion, science and tradition.

After living in modern metropolises around the world and holding important positions in multinational companies, I followed my heart to return to the small village where my family has lived since 1640: Pietrafraccia, high up in the Scrivia Valley.

Here I rediscovered the memories of my childhood. The scent of roses that filled the house when my grandmother made syrup. All the gardens and vegetable plots in the small village overflowed with fragrant roses, From this I rediscovered old traditions and transformed them into modern opportunities.

I brought my managerial experiences into a totally new field by combining them with traditional culture to revive the small valley and help protect it from cultural and environmental degradation. I believe that each individual’s commitment to the environment and ethical values can bring about significant change both locally in society and globally throughout the world.

Thus was born the concept of JB Rose CosmEthic

“It was purely passion and love for my land that took JB Rose CosmEthic from an abstract idea to a cherished product.”

My family helps and supports me. My daughter Jezabel is the owner of the farm and takes care of rose cultivation and scientific research. My father, Nonno Renzo, passes on his knowledge and the secrets of the plants. My husband Biagio takes care of the business side and opens up new horizons, and my other daughter, Camilla, takes care of social media. A perfect team. 😉